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体彩p3怪字神图谜今天:High Power Collimator(HPCOLL)

体彩p3总跨度带连线 The high power collimators are basic optical parts of high power isolators.They’re characterized with low insertion loss, high isolation, high power handling, high return loss, excellent environmental stability and reliability. They are ideal for fiber laser and instrumentation applications.

Key Features

* PM and Non-PM are available

* Excellent environmental stability and reliability

* Fiber can be customized


* Fiber Laser

* Fiber Sensor

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High Power Collimator.pdf


??? Parameter

High Power Collimator, HPCOLL

Operating Wavelength (nm)

Working Distance(mm)



Power Handing(W)

Beam Diameter(mm)

Dimension Ф×L (mm)

Non-PM or PM

1310, 1550±50

5 or customized



1, 5, 10 or customized

0.5 or customized

(Ф)2.8× (L) 8

Or customized


50 or customized



* PM fiber length: 0.8m, Non-PM fiber length: 1.0m

* IL will be changed with the handling Power and working distance

* RL will be changed with multimode fiber

* Package size depended on the handling power &beam diameter &fiber type